The title is after the Icelandic volcano Helgafell. Helgafell is an inactive 227-metre-high volcanic cone located on the island of Heimaey in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago in Iceland.

Extravagant and fabulous, the sideboard Helgafell is a stylish addition to the room. The solid oak sideboard has a unique look due to its brass covered back which gives this furniture an extra role in the room- it can be used to split the room in two zones. With six storage drawers and two shelves behind doors for optimum space, this unique furniture piece rests on top of four solid brass legs and is supplemented with eight different solid brass handles. Combining luxury design with brilliant craftsmanship, sideboard Helgafell is a timeless furniture creation.


  • Materials

    Solid oak, solid brass

  • Dimensions

    Starting from W100 x D40 x H110

  • Finish

    Clear lacquer

Made to order
Light assembly required
Request custom size

Available in many sizes of varying heights and choice of colors and different metals.

Completely handmade and inspired by Iceland.
Designer: Renats Kotlevs
Designed in Iceland and made at our workshop in Latvia/Northern Europe


  • Shipping Cost

    Unless otherwise specified, our quotations also include shipping costs. These are calculated according to the place of delivery and the bulk of furniture selected. The offer can include duties and taxes depending on the destination.

  • Order processing will be as follows:

    • 6-8 weeks for the MANUFACTURE of the furniture: from the order confirmation until the goods are available in our warehouse (August and December excluded);
    • 1 week for QUALITY CONTROL: at this stage we verify product compliance with the order, integrity of the goods and prepare items for shipping to the specified address;
    • 1 week for DELIVERY in European Union Countries;
    • 2-5 weeks for DELIVERY in non-European Union Countries.

Payment Method

  • Bank transfer