Hallway bench

Reclaimed wood is popular for many reasons: the reclaimed timber’s exquisite and unique look, its environmental contribution as a recycled green building material, the historical aspect of the wood’s origins and character, and its physical attributes such as strength and durability.

Reclaimed wood, sometimes called recycled or antique wood, is lumber that’s been given a new life. The wood gets harvested from shipping crates, old barns, wine casks, boats, gym bleachers and other structures that have been deconstructed or are no longer needed. Instead of letting the perfectly usable wood end up in a landfill, someone salvages the lumber so it can serve a new purpose.


  • Dimensions

    W100 x D40 x H56

  • Materials

    Reclaimed wood, driftwood, small sofa

  • Finish

    Danish oil

  • Drawer

    Soft close mechanism

  • Assembly

    Light assembly required

A practical contemporary seat with an awesome twist. Our hallway bench Lota is crafted from reclaimed/solid wood, adding modern-day sustainability to its timeless style. It is wonderfully smooth to the touch and looks fantastic. It has such wonderful modern rustic character. Would be perfect for a porch, hallway seat or telephone table and useful storage for keys and general clutter. It is strong, durable and loaded with unique character. The base is in great shape as well. One leg is from driftwood. This is a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture!

Completely handmade and inspired by Iceland.
Designer: Renats Kotlevs
Designed in Iceland and made at our workshop in Latvia/Northern Europe


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